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ถ้วยชา COSMO TEA CUP Brand OceanGlass

Used for holding and serving hot tea
MD 110.5 mm / H 67 mm

230 มล. 7 ออนซ์ กว้าง 110.5 มม. สูง 67 มม. 


Premium and high quality glassware for all types of bars, restaurants, hotels, and home use with exceptional clarity, focusing on creative design, durability, practical and effortlessly stylish


PACK X6  / 6P00640

8 oz. (230 ml.) TD 88.5 mm. BD 42 mm. MD 110.5 mm. H 67 mm. W 155 gms. Packing 6/72 ,

GW 12.5 kg.

แก้ว COSMO TEA CUP 8 oz. (230 ml.) Ocean Glass

SKU: 1P00640